Report from activities of ETEC


Report from activities of ETEC representative (May 2018 - May 2019)

Dear Friends, Members of ETEC,


within last year, since our meeting in Barcelona organized on the occasion of the European Congress of Endocrinology, your representative has been involved in the following activities:

1/ Question of collaboration between different networks working within European Reference Networks (ERN)

Recently European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer - Endocrine Tumor Group, led by Professor Jan Smit, proposed to act as a platform of cooperation between Endo-ERN and EURACAN. As you may recall, all these groups are involved in endocrine cancer crucial matters. During the meeting of these organisations held in Brussels, strong and justified intention was raised to include all organisations which focus their interest on this group of cancers and organize them in cooperative platform. This tool of communication will be used to proceed joint initiatives going, hopefully, in the same direction. Your representative took part in these coordinating steps and was obliged to inform ETEC members - endocrinologists interested in the scientific progress in endocrine cancer treatment. It was agreed that the discussion for the next thyroid cancer meeting would be held right before next European Thyroid Association Annual Meeting in Budapest, 2019.

2/ Organization of joint scientific symposia for all specialists interested in progress in knowledge of endocrine cancers

After last meeting held as a pre-congress event of the European Congress of Endocrinology in Barcelona, ETEC Board decided to apply to the European Society of Endocrinology Board to allow organization of ETEC meetings within regular ECE. As you may remember our meetings are held biannually, which means our next meeting will be held in 2020. We hope that ESE Board will give a positive answer to our initiative. Nevertheless, already now, we would like to propose some topics you would like to be discussed during our meeting next year. After ECE in Lyon we will shape our plans for ETEC Meeting 2020 and will ask you for next topics you wish to see in the programme.

You are welcome to provide feedback to my e-mail address:


Best wishes
Barbara Jarzab
Acting representative of European Task Force on Endocrine Cancer (ETEC)